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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
26 May 1988
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JUST A GIRL ♬ Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
name: Kururu Sumeragi [AIR GEAR]
age: 19
gender: Female
appearance: Kururu stands at about 5'5" and weighs around 117 lbs. Her eyes are a very bright shade of blue. She's not very "top-heavy", though she doesn't seem to mind the fact that her chest isn't so large. Actually, the very fact that her breasts are on the smaller size allow her to wear "cutesy" outfits as opposed to overly sexy ones, which seems to fit her personality just fine.

Kururu is best known for her wild strawberry-blonde hair. Unlike most Japanese girls, her hair refuses to be straight, though most people find her feathered hair to be a cute physical trait of hers. In a fultile attempt to tame some of the wild curls, Kururu has taken to adorning her hair with an assortment of colorful hair-clips,

When it comes to clothing, Kururu tends to lean more towards the cuter, more vibrant colors paired with shiny black vinyl. A common look for Kururu is her vinyl overall shorts with a plain t-shirt worn underneath. She enjoys wearing horizontal striped socks and large, often comical-looking boots as well. She has a brimmed black vinyl hat that she will often take to wearing if she doesn't feel there's enough time for her to wrestle with her hair. On the top of the hat is the pattern of a big yellow star.

Another thing you'll rarely ever see Kururu without are her headphones. In almost any situation, a pair of large headphones will be dangling around her neck or covering her ears. If she's not wearing her headphones, chances are that they were confiscated. It's only a matter of time before she finds herself another pair, not to worry.

ALL PRETTY & PETITE ♬ Schedule and Studies
year: Freshmen
major: Engineering
minor: Music
residence: Hibiscus 206
occupation: Currently not employed.

first period: Digital Systems
second period: Electric Engineering
break: Lunch
third period: Choir
fourth period: English 101

personality: Despite being a particularly bright child when it comes to mechanical work, she is a bit clueless when it comes to just about anything else. She's a very enthusiastic and optimistic person, always eager to work hard and play even harder. Some see this as childish, but she can actually be quite mature when the mood calls for it. It just rarely ever calls for it. There's a bit of a competitor in her that often rears its' head at strange (and often inappropriate) times.

Kururu can sometimes be a selfless person, often putting herself through physical or emotional stress in order to get the job done for a friend. If she knows her friends are counting on her, she will often (stupidly) put their needs before her own, even if that requires sleepless nights and tiny snacks as a replacement for proper meals.

On the downside, Kururu *is* a bit childish, and also quite ditzy at times. She's also not much of a morning person and will often make the bulk of her most careless mistakes during this time of the day. She's also a bit gullible, and will often take someone's word if she doesn't already know not to trust them.

Kururu hates feeling like she's a burden people, and will often take to hiding all her problems until they build on top of each other. She hates asking for things, and hates when she thinks people are going out of their way to accomodate her. Sometimes it can be cute, but most people start to find it ridiculous and irritating.

Upon first meeting her, Kururu can be a bit shy, even to the point of physically looking uncomfortable in her own skin. By nature, she has a hard time opening up to someone unless they've somehow proven that they are genuine and kind-hearted. Once she's seen a side of you that she truly likes, then she'll become playful and sweet. Even if other people think you're a terrible jerk, she'll still be aware of that sweet side and try to stand up for you.
She has the tendency to be over-eager, though her heart is always in the right place. It is easy for her to assume she understands a situation, even if her assumptions end up being way off the mark. The main thing is that she tries hard, and even if she's not correct, she still puts out her best effort every time.

Kururu has a strong passion for music, or more specifically: time. Her ability to count time right down to seconds is perhaps her most impressive talent. She always works her hardest when she's listening to music and counting out times. She also makes a surprisingly accurate watch, in the event that you don't make a habit of carrying one.

In a nutshell, Kururu is hard-working, curious and dedicated, and while she doesn't have much self-esteem in most things that she may do, the one thing she does pride herself in is her mechanical prowess. Using her ears alone, she is often able to tell if a machine is operating properly, which seems to make up for most of her other short-comings academically.

So critical she is of her mechanical work that she will only ever produce something that she can truly be proud of. If she's unsure of it somehow, she will protect it and hold it close to her until she's truly ready to release it.

history: Kururu Sumeragi was born to a (somewhat) normal family in Japan. She was never beaten or verbally abused, and had always had a very good relationship with both her mother and her father. Her father was always over-protective and her mother was always teasing and playful, making for a pretty balanced and healthy environment for a girl like Kururu to grow up in.

At a young age, Kururu showed multiple talents, most of them revolving around her advanced hearing. She was constantly fixing various items around the house, even if they appeared to be working perfectly. When asked why she would do these routine 'check-ups,' she would simply say that it didn't "sound right" and that would be the end of the discussion. In fact, if Kururu did *not* attempt to fix a device that she claimed sounded funny, it would inevitably malfunction. They learned not to doubt this particular "sense" of hers after that.

On top of being able to tell when a piece of equipment isn't working properly, she is also able to repair it in an extremely short amount of time. Her heightened sensitivity to sound makes quick work of any inconsistencies that she comes across.

Another peculiar interest of Kururu's was her fascination with clocks and her uncanny ability to tell the time right down to the second. One evening, when her father returned home from work, he found Kururu sitting by the door with a concerned expression on her face. Not knowing what the problem was, he decided to ask her.

As it turns out, he was three minutes and fifty-three seconds late, and because of this break in the pattern that she was accostomed to, it sent off alarms in her young mind.

Because of her sensivity to both sound and time, she has developed a bit of raw musical talent as well. She is very fond of singing and counting out the exact time the next notes should be executed. When she isn't tinkering away at some project, she's listening to new music and trying to figure out what comes next in the grand "puzzle" of sound. To Kururu, music is just noise without the element of time involved, which is why she finds it such an interesting and engaging hobby.

When she got a little older, Kururu's father made the choice to send her to a private all-girl school. He treasured his value so strongly that he refused to let her grow up in a public school filled with hormone-driven males.

What he didn't really count on, however, was the cattiness of females in *any* setting. Kururu's ditzy charm did not make her invincible to bullying, and she found herself on the recieving end of some hurtful pranks. Despite all of this, however, Kururu chose to keep a positive outlook, even going so far as to forgive the girls involved with her bullying.

Because of this negative attention from some of her peers, Kururu didn't exactly develop much confidence when it comes to herself. Though the group of friends she *did* surround herself always did their best to change the way she felt, she always seemed to brush their compliments off.

Even still, a deeper side of Kururu secretly craves praise and acceptance. She enjoys doing things for others and being appreciated for it. In some ways, it's a selfish act, but in others, it can actually been as selfless.

It was sometime during her years in high school that she was introduced to the vast world of ATs. Kururu's curious mind was positively fascinated by the posibilities presented by these motorized skates. Even despite her inability to really participate in sports (she was a bit clumsy, after all), she found herself blowing entire months' allowances to purchase high-grade AT parts, just to see how they functioned and what would change those functions. Soon enough, Kururu became immersed in this world because of her intense attraction to this new world of ATs.

Despite the constant female aura that surrounded her as she grew up, Kururu developed very few actual "feminine" skills. She doesn't even know how to use a chef's knife other than for cutting or shaving wires. She isn't necessarily all that good at sewing or crafts that don't involve gears and screws either.

Upon realizing this, Kururu's mother began to insist that it was because Kururu had no *males* to impress that she didn't bother trying to take on more feminine hobbies. Though her father denied this with all of his heart, there was no denying that Kururu was growing up and that she'd eventually need to be reintroduced to male influence outside of his own.
Finally, upon her graduation from high school, Kururu's father reluctantly agreed to allow her to attend a co-ed university abroad, after much coaxing from her mother.

Though this is *supposed* to be an opportunity for Kururu to become more social and feminine, they just couldn't get her to part with her toolboxes or AT parts.

I'M SOME KINDA FREAK ♬ the Player and Contact
player: Spooky machinator
age: 20
aim: windarrows
email: my_darkness_goes[at]yahoo[dawt]com

Kururu's aim: toul time
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