Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢] (tuneking) wrote,
Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]

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008 ♬ fun-sized... candies...

It doesn't matter if they're fun-sized or not, that doesn't mean you can eat as many of them as you can fit in your mouth!

Ooooogh. I should have known this, but I couldn't help it! I feel sick... and chubby. Ooooorrrrggggghhhh. I couldn't help it, it's not my fault! I get so excited... all of the over-sized bags of candy at special prices... all for Halloween...

I didn't plan on eating all of them... except I did...

I'm reeeeaaally sleepy now. I shouldn't blow off all my work just to take a nap but I think... maybe I will... urp
Tags: halloween, stores are evil, too much candy
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