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006 ♬ silence is welcomed after busy airports

I went home! I bought presents. And then I forgot them at home! So um... Oooops! I called Momma and asked her to send them when she could. Oh! But I have Shirley's present right here. Mhm! I didn't forget it.

Dad was a pest, he asked me a lot and a lot of questions about the people here. I told him I did not know. He asked if I had any plans to get married just to break his heart. I told him I did not know. I did know, of course, I'm not getting married! But sometimes it's funny to pick on him, just because he should know better than to be so bothersome.

Is that mean?

After assuring him many times that I don't plan on marrying a handsome stranger with lots of metal in his face, he finally let me go. I almost missed my plane, and the lady with the little hat glared at me a lot and reminded me that I'm supposed to be early so that I don't miss flights.

Um... Soooo... Plane rides are long, my neck and legs really hurt from cramped spaces and... I didn't do any of my homework. Aaaaugh Kururu, you stupid stupid!
Tags: forgot my brain, planes are high, present, shirley, stupid kururururu
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