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I found the cutest wrapping paper the other day, but I forgot my purse, so I couldn't buy it! But I went back and got it and now I have wrapping paper with cute kitties playing with yarn! It's so cute~ ♥

...I-I think I've also begun forgetting to close my bedroom door before I leave the dorm. Uuu... I came back to find it cracked a little. (Maybe it's a ghooooost!)

It's a funny thing, sort of, how the human brain just forgets things like that!

Yuuuffie~ I wrapped your present and put it on the counter! You should open it! B-but not while I'm in the room with you. I get really nervous, so if you don't like it, you'll have some time to come up with an excuse to not hurt my feelings~ hehe!

I bought a big bag of chocolate-covered pretzels, and now I will go to eat them now! G'bye forever and ever!
Tags: chocolate pretzels, ghost door?, wrapping paper, yuffie's present
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