Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢] (tuneking) wrote,
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006 ♬ one day you'll see her and know what i mean

♬ take her or leave her she'll still be the same ♬

I-I've been really lonely lately. I don't know why! But I've been sleeping in a whole lot more and all of my projects have been piling up. It's no good, Kururu, no good!

I tried riding my ATs this morning and I think I hurt something in my leg, too. Uuuu... I'm having such bad luck lately...

Somebody take my bad luck! I don't want it! Here! Here!

My back hurts too! Oh no! But only because I thought about it! Acccck! Don't die please, Kururu... I'm faaaaaaading...awaaaaay...
Tags: at accident, bad girl kururu, bad luck bad luck, kururu is dead!, lonely, sleepy
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