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002 ♬ i'm walking into spiderwebs

T-thank you very much for going *grocery shopping with me, Shirley~! ♥ I tried one of the microwave dinners last night.

Did you know that they look nothing like they are on the box? Fuuuuu... T-they shouldn't be allowed to put those pretty pictures! It's false advertising. They should take a picture of what the dinners really look like, and maybe a scratch-n-sniff sticker so people know what they really smell like too. Hmph.

Daddy called and told me that Yuffie's present should be here within a week or two... a-and then he told me that I better not be talking to any boys. :P I didn't tell him about Zelos, then! I-I think he felt a little bit better after I told him that boys still have cooties...

[ooc: *Grocery log is still in progress.]
Tags: boys still have cooties, grocery shopping, microwave dinners, presents, shirley, yuffie, zelos
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