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000 ♬ relationships and logs

Euphie Britannia → Though they're still relatively new to meeting each other, Kururu is already certain she likes Euphie. She's always helpful and kind, which is something Kururu really adores about her.

Hayner Macintyre → Kururu hasn't really gotten to know Hayner on a more personal level, but she finds him to be a very funny person. She admires his deep-rooted friendship with Roxas, and one day hopes to form bonds as strong as his with someone.

Kallen Stadtfelt → They've spoken multiple times, and each time, Kururu becomes more and more drawn to Kallen's fun personality.

Roxas Mihara → Kururu really likes talking to Roxas. She never feels like she has to stretch conversations just to keep things interesting. Though he's quiet and somewhat reserved, Kururu finds him charming.

Shirley Fenette → Recently, Kururu has become much closer to Shirley. More and more, Kururu is finding that she anticipates their time together, and becomes saddened when it's time for them to part ways. Shirley is probably Kururu's closest friend at the moment. [ 1 ]

Simca Tsubame → She is someone Kururu both envies and admires. At the moment, Kururu isn't sure what she really thinks of Simca, other than the fact that she's very skilled with her ATs. Simca has offered to give her AT lessons. [ 1 ]
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