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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
28 October 2008 @ 03:24 pm
It doesn't matter if they're fun-sized or not, that doesn't mean you can eat as many of them as you can fit in your mouth!

Ooooogh. I should have known this, but I couldn't help it! I feel sick... and chubby. Ooooorrrrggggghhhh. I couldn't help it, it's not my fault! I get so excited... all of the over-sized bags of candy at special prices... all for Halloween...

I didn't plan on eating all of them... except I did...

I'm reeeeaaally sleepy now. I shouldn't blow off all my work just to take a nap but I think... maybe I will... urp
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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
12 October 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Shi~irley! Your present is here!

And my head hurts so it's nap time.
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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
I went home! I bought presents. And then I forgot them at home! So um... Oooops! I called Momma and asked her to send them when she could. Oh! But I have Shirley's present right here. Mhm! I didn't forget it.

Dad was a pest, he asked me a lot and a lot of questions about the people here. I told him I did not know. He asked if I had any plans to get married just to break his heart. I told him I did not know. I did know, of course, I'm not getting married! But sometimes it's funny to pick on him, just because he should know better than to be so bothersome.

Is that mean?

After assuring him many times that I don't plan on marrying a handsome stranger with lots of metal in his face, he finally let me go. I almost missed my plane, and the lady with the little hat glared at me a lot and reminded me that I'm supposed to be early so that I don't miss flights.

Um... Soooo... Plane rides are long, my neck and legs really hurt from cramped spaces and... I didn't do any of my homework. Aaaaugh Kururu, you stupid stupid!
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: nothing my head hurts
Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
♬ take her or leave her she'll still be the same ♬

I-I've been really lonely lately. I don't know why! But I've been sleeping in a whole lot more and all of my projects have been piling up. It's no good, Kururu, no good!

I tried riding my ATs this morning and I think I hurt something in my leg, too. Uuuu... I'm having such bad luck lately...

Somebody take my bad luck! I don't want it! Here! Here!

My back hurts too! Oh no! But only because I thought about it! Acccck! Don't die please, Kururu... I'm faaaaaaading...awaaaaay...
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Current Music: "This Side" // Nickel Creek
Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
22 July 2008 @ 11:34 pm
Has anyone else had really bad allergies? Eeeewww... I woke up this morning and couldn't breathe through all the yuck.

But I finished a few assignments I needed to catch up on! ...

...Oh no! I'm out of tissues!

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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
12 July 2008 @ 10:02 am
I found the cutest wrapping paper the other day, but I forgot my purse, so I couldn't buy it! But I went back and got it and now I have wrapping paper with cute kitties playing with yarn! It's so cute~ ♥

...I-I think I've also begun forgetting to close my bedroom door before I leave the dorm. Uuu... I came back to find it cracked a little. (Maybe it's a ghooooost!)

It's a funny thing, sort of, how the human brain just forgets things like that!

Yuuuffie~ I wrapped your present and put it on the counter! You should open it! B-but not while I'm in the room with you. I get really nervous, so if you don't like it, you'll have some time to come up with an excuse to not hurt my feelings~ hehe!

I bought a big bag of chocolate-covered pretzels, and now I will go to eat them now! G'bye forever and ever!
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Current Music: "Plastic Cup Politics" // Less Than Jake
Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
07 July 2008 @ 01:09 am
Yuffie~! I just signed for the present. ♥ ...I think I should wrap it... Don't go in my room! I need to buy wrapping paper...


Ooo~ ... I have nothing else to say, so g'bye! (Shirley, I just realized that I didn't buy these crackers! I think they put your box in my bag by mistake...)

[ooc: XD Kururu ordered a set of these for Yuffie. Currently they're sitting on Kururu's bed in a wooden case lined with purple velvet, because Kururu didn't think to hide them.]
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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
28 June 2008 @ 10:48 pm
T-thank you very much for going *grocery shopping with me, Shirley~! ♥ I tried one of the microwave dinners last night.

Did you know that they look nothing like they are on the box? Fuuuuu... T-they shouldn't be allowed to put those pretty pictures! It's false advertising. They should take a picture of what the dinners really look like, and maybe a scratch-n-sniff sticker so people know what they really smell like too. Hmph.

Daddy called and told me that Yuffie's present should be here within a week or two... a-and then he told me that I better not be talking to any boys. :P I didn't tell him about Zelos, then! I-I think he felt a little bit better after I told him that boys still have cooties...

[ooc: *Grocery log is still in progress.]
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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
14 June 2008 @ 10:28 pm
U-ummmm... I-I didn't realize I had so many tools until I tried to unpack them! I hope my new roomie doesn't mind the super big mess... I'll clean it! I promise! I have not shared a room with anyone for a long time.

Oh! Maybe I'll make a surprise present for my new roomie? Brilliant! It's a brilliant idea! But... I wonder what she would like? Uwaaah...

I like being on the second floor. Except I almost tripped on the stairs. Twice! Hehe~
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Sumeragi Kururu [皇杞 枢]
13 June 2008 @ 08:37 pm
Euphie Britannia → Though they're still relatively new to meeting each other, Kururu is already certain she likes Euphie. She's always helpful and kind, which is something Kururu really adores about her.

Hayner Macintyre → Kururu hasn't really gotten to know Hayner on a more personal level, but she finds him to be a very funny person. She admires his deep-rooted friendship with Roxas, and one day hopes to form bonds as strong as his with someone.

Kallen Stadtfelt → They've spoken multiple times, and each time, Kururu becomes more and more drawn to Kallen's fun personality.

Roxas Mihara → Kururu really likes talking to Roxas. She never feels like she has to stretch conversations just to keep things interesting. Though he's quiet and somewhat reserved, Kururu finds him charming.

Shirley Fenette → Recently, Kururu has become much closer to Shirley. More and more, Kururu is finding that she anticipates their time together, and becomes saddened when it's time for them to part ways. Shirley is probably Kururu's closest friend at the moment. [ 1 ]

Simca Tsubame → She is someone Kururu both envies and admires. At the moment, Kururu isn't sure what she really thinks of Simca, other than the fact that she's very skilled with her ATs. Simca has offered to give her AT lessons. [ 1 ]
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: "Ex-Girlfriend" // No Doubt